CAC Públika Rezultadu Peskiza Integridade Seitor Públiku 2013

Dili – Ohin loron Segunda-Feira (9/12), Komisáriu Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC), Adérito de Jesus Soares offisialmente públika rezultadu Peskiza Integridade ba Seitor Públika nian iha selebrasaun Loron Mundial Anti-Korrupsaun iha loron 9 Fulan Dezembru 2013 hamutuk ho Prezidenti Comissão Função Pública (CFP), Eng. Libório Pereira, MIM iha Centro de Convenções de Dili (CCD) Dili.

Vice Primeiru Ministru, Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo atende seremonia ne’e ho membrus governu, eis Prezidenti Parlamentu Nasionál (PN), Françisco “Lu Olo” Guterres ho membrus PN, funsionariu públika nivel Direitur Jerál to’o Chefe Departamentus,  Administrador Distritus, servisu nain ONG no konvidadus reprezentantes nasaun amigo iha TL no reprezentantes korpus diplomatiku kuaze ema besik nain 1000.

Peskiza ne’e revela presija buat lubun ida ne’ebé lao la los, hametin prevensaun, hadian prosesu tenderizasaun, hasae konsiensia kona-ba padraun konduta no simplifika kondisaun servisu.

Peskiza halao husi CAC, Survey Integridade ba Seitor Públika iha Timor-Leste hanesan survey ida nebe komprehensivu kona-ba atetude servidor Estadu nian.

Kuaze funsionariu públika hamutuk nain 1.400 husi 29 Instituisaun Públika iha 13 distritus tomak hetan entrevista husi peskizador CAC nian hamutuk ho universitarius durante Fulan Augustu-Outubru reprezenta liu pursentu hat (4) husi 31.000 servidor Estado iha TL.

Objetivu survey ne’e atu deskobre iha parte ne’ebé mak servisu atendimentu ba públika lao ho efisiente no saida mak bele halo diak atu servi povu diak liu tan iha future.

Rezultadu peskiza ne’e informativu no sei asisti instituisaun governu nian iha future hodi muda servisu instituisionál nian ne’ebé laos servisu fasil maske servidor Estadu iha komitmentu forte atu servi ho diak.

Rezultadu peskiza ne’e relata 1/3 husi respondent hateten sira sai sasin ba prátika Korrupsaun, Kolusaun no Nepotismu (KKN) iha sira nian servisu fatin durante tinan kotuk. Besik 70% mak fiar no hare’e ho matan iha sira nian servisu fatin funsionariu sira tane a’as interese privadu liu fali interese servi komunidade.

Maske nune’e, funsionariu públika barak mak identifika atu iha espasu mudansa ba hadian performansia ka atendimentu servisu nian iha seitor públika. Maioria respondents sira hakarak tebes atu halo buat diak ba sira nian rai no povu iha sira nian servisu fatin no ekspresa sira nian interese atu iha treinamentu ba sira.

Ida ne’e hanesan rekonhesimentu boot husi funsionariu públika no hatudu prioridade iha fatin oin sa hadian servisu diak liu tan. “CAC sei uza rezultadu peskiza ne’e ba programa Prevensaun no Edukasaun nian; Nudar baze ida ba espetativa service públika  nian no nia komprensaun iha prosesu apropriadu ba hadian CAC nian workshops; Sei asisti servisu públika  nian atu hari’i kultura los wainhira kontratu servidor sira no prosesu tenderizasaun ba kontratu governu. CAC sei kontinua tulun official públika konfidensialmente ba kazus korrupsaun sira” dehan Komisáriu Adjuntu José António de Jesus da Neves ne’ebé supervisiona survey ne’e.

CAC hato’o gratidaun ba FOTI Timor-Leste, Programa Anti-Korrupsaun MCC/USAID ba sira nian asistensia jenorisidade hodi dezenvolve survey ne’e no fó suporta financas. (*)

CAC Releases Inaugural Public Service Integrity Survey

Dili – Monday, December 9, 2013. Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC), Aderito de Jesus officially launched Public Service Integrity Survey in the celebration of International Anti-Corruption Day, that co organized with President of Public Service Commission, Eng. Liborio Pereira, MIM at Dili Convention Center (CCD).

The ceremony was attended by Vice Prime Minister, Dr. Fernando “Lasama” de Araujo, member of government, Former President of National Parliament, Dr. Fracisco “Lu Olo” Guterres with Member of Parliament. More than 1000 public servants from General Directors to Chief of Departments, District Administrators, NGOs, development partners and diplomatic corps participated in the event.

The survey findings show that majority of public servants are pleased with the institution they work for, however they also highlighted some improvements need to be done to monitor transgressions, strengthen prevention, improve tendering processes, raise awareness about standards of conduct, and alleviate tough working conditions.

Undertaken by the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC), the Integrity Survey of Public Servants in Timor-Leste, is the most comprehensive survey carried out in Timor-Leste on the attitudes of public servants.

Nearly 1,400 public servants across 29 different public institutions, in all 13 districts of Timor-Leste, were interviewed by CAC during August and September this year. This represents more than four per cent of Timor-Leste’s 31,000 strong public service.

The purpose of the survey was to discover what parts of the public service were operating efficiently, and what improvements could be made in order to better serve citizens.

The findings are informative and will assist government institutions in the future.

Tackling institutional change is no easy task, and although public servants are engaged and committed, they also highlighted a number of concerns.

For example, a third of respondents said they had witnessed corruption, collusion and nepotism in the workplace during the last year. Nearly 70 per cent believe they saw public servants place their own private interest over the public service and the community.

But equally, many public servants identified room for improvement in the overall performance of the public sector. Additionally nearly every public servant interviewed wanted a stronger focus on doing the right thing at work, and expressed interest in further training.

This is a great recognition by the public service and shows the priority its places on improving the services it delivers.

CAC will use these findings in its prevention and education programs. “We will take the survey as a baseline of broad public service expectations and its understanding of appropriate processes to tailor our workshops.” said Deputy Commissioner José António de Jesus das Neves who supervised the survey. “We will assist the service to build up the correct culture when hiring of employees and tendering for government contracts” he added.

In addition, CAC will also continue to help public officials confidentially report cases of corruption.

CAC extends its gratitude to FOTI Timor-Leste, the MCC/USAID Anti-Corruption Program, for its generous assistance in developing the survey and providing financial support. (*)

CAC Visits Four Districts: Over 300 People Attend Seminars

Dili – Across Timor-Leste, people are coming together to learn more about corruption and what strategies can be used to prevent and fight it.

In the week leading up to International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) held four seminars in Manufahi, Ainaro, Ermera and Liquica.

Over 300 people attended the seminars, from all walks of life including local leaders, business owners, public servants, and students.

Held under the topic of ‘Integrity as the determining factor in preventing and fighting corruption’, the seminars are an important way of reaching out to the community to improve their understanding of corruption.

Corruption denies a country’s citizens access to vital services. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that every year, $40 billion is lost through corrupt activities – money that could instead have been used to build roads or educate future generations.

Visiting Ermera and Liquica, Deputy Commissioner for Education and Research, Mr Jose Antonio Neves said the first step in fighting corruption in Timor-Leste is by improving the knowledge of its citizens.

 “CAC alone cannot fight corruption – it requires the eyes, ears and hearts of every Timorese citizen,” Deputy Commissioner Neves said.

“That’s why we will continue to hold these seminars across every district to raise the awareness of the people on corruption issues, how it has a pervasive impact upon their lives, and what they can do to fight it.”

CAC Executive Secretary, Mr. Alexandre Faustino Freitas, said that the enthusiastic attendance from the local communities in Manufahi and Ainaro showed how much citizens wanted to play a part in fighting corruption – particularly by students.

“Preventing and fighting corruption has the potential to be the new patriotic act for younger generations, so it was fantastic to see so many students attending the seminars this week,” Mr. Freitas said.

Local administrators are encouraged to discuss with CAC future opportunities for engagement with their communities. CAC regularly holds workshops and seminars with public officials and the general public throughout Timor-Leste.

To date, around 10 per cent of the Timor-Leste public service has received anti-corruption training from CAC, and nearly 7,500 people have attended seminars held by CAC this year. (*)

CAC Vizita Distritu Hat; Ema 300 Partisipa Seminariu

Dili – Iha teritoriu Timor-Leste tomak, ema barak mai halibur hamutuk iha seminariu organiza husi Comissáo Anti-orrupçáo (CAC) hodi estuda klean liu tan kona ba sa mak korrupsaun no sa stratejia mak bele uza hodi prevene no kontra korrupsaun.

Semana ida molok tama ba iha loron Mundial anti-korrupsaun nebe monu iha loron 9 Fulan Dezembru, CAC halao seminariu iha distritu Manufahi, Ainaro, Ermera no Liquica.

Ema kuaze 300 husi prefesaun oin-oin mak mai atende seminariu ne’e; povu bain-bain, leader komunitariu, estudantes, servidor Estadu no emprezariu ho antusiasmu maka’as mai atende seminariu ne’e.

Topiku ba seminariu ne’e mak tinan ne’e mak “Integridade Nudar Fator Determinante Ida Hodi Prevene no Kombate Korrupsaun” nebe seminariu mak hanesan dalan importante ida atu CAC to’o ba iha povu no komunidade iha distritus atu haklean sira nian konhesimentu kona-ba korrupsaun.

Korrupsaun mak trava sidadaun nasaun ne’e hodi asesu no hetan servisus vital. Edifisiu Nasoens Unidas ba Krimi no Droga (UNODC) halo estimasaun katak tinan-tinan iha mundo kuaze US$ 40 billoens mak lakon liu husi atividades korrupsaun. Osan hirak nebe lakon ne’e bele afeta ba povu nia moris signifikativu tebes hanesan halo estradas ka bele prepara jerasaun foun liu husi edukasaun.

Vizita Ermera no Liquica Komisariu Adjuntu ba asuntu Edukasaun no Peskiza, Jose Neves hateten katak primeiru etapa atu luta kontra korrupsaun mak haklean povu nian konhesimentu kona-ba krimi korrupsaun.

“CAC mesak labele kombate korrupsaun – kombate korrupsaun presija Timor oan hotu nian matan, tilun no fuan,” katak Komisariu Adjuntu Neves.

“Tamba ida ne’e ita sei kontinua halao seminariu hanesan iha distritus hotu iha Timor laran tomak atu eduka no konsiensializa povu saida mak korrupsaun, oin sa korrupsaun afeta ba sira nian moris no saida mak sira sei halo kontra krimi korrupsaun,” Adjuntu Neves hatutan teni.

Sekretariu Eksekutivu CAC, Alexandre Freitas hateten antusiasmu komunidade husi diferente profesaun ba atende seminariu iha Manufahi ho Ainaro hatudu oinsa povu nian koriusidade atu halo parte iha esforsu luta kontra korrupsaun – partikularmente estudante hanesan future lideransa nasional.

“Partisipa ativamente iha prevene no luta kontra korrupsaun  hanesan potensia ba jerasaun foun nudar estudantes atu sai patriota iha Timor-Leste nian independensia agora. Ida ne’e fantastiku tebes atu hare’e alin estudantes sira mai partisipa iha seminariu ne’e maske imi feriadu hela,” katak Sekretariu Eksekutivu Freitas.

Seminariu hirak ne’e atu enkouraja administrador governu local ho komunidade sira atu dada besik liu tan CAC ba sira iha future liu husi diskusaun ka seminariu. CAC regularmente halao seminariu ho ofisial publiku no publiku em jeral iha Timor laran tomak.

To’o ohin loron, kuaze 10% servidor Estadu no ema liu 7500 mak partisipa ona iha seminariu halao husi CAC. (*)