Corruption destroys the very foundation of society. Corruption does not distinguish between small or large, rich or poor nations. Corruption wrecks our children’s future. It is an obstacle to the progress of the young; and it hastens the death of the elderly.

Corruption also hinders the rule of law; and threatens democracy. It is time for all Timorese to join hands in the fight against corruption, as corruption can destroy the dreams of all who fought for Timor over so many decades. (read more…)

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Message From New CAC Commissioner Tilman: Let’s Work Together To Fight Corruption

Dili – In his first address to Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) staff, new Commissioner Dr. Adérito Antonio Pinto Tilman made clear the best way to prevent and fight corruption in Timor-Leste is to work together as a team. CAC Senior Management officially ...

Parliament Elects Adérito Tilman As Next CAC Commissioner

Dili – The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) is pleased to announce the National Parliament has elected Adérito António Pinto Tilman as its next Commissioner. Mr. Adérito Tilman was elected 44 votes in favour, the required absolute majority, by the National Parliament on ...
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CAC Deputy Commissioner of Prevention, Manuel Bucar today (1/7) delivered a paper entitled “Prevention Corruption Strategies” at a leadership training to Chiefs of Departments of line ministries at the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), Comoro, Dili. 27 people participated in the training course.

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Educating To Instill Honesty In Our Future Leaders

One of the biggest risks facing Timor-Leste as a country currently is that corruption practices are starting to happen everywhere in East Timorese society. Corruption is currently being carried out by ordinary people, vendors, and government officials, or through maladministration ...
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Spending the Public Purse; A Responsibility Perspective

“We are the ones who are responsible for developing our country and safeguarding its assets for a better life for the people.” Every time the Anti-Corruption Commission carries out a workshop, or travels to any of Timor-Leste’s 13 districts, this ...
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Four Years of CAC’s Dedication; Challenges And Successes

Success in fighting corruption shouldn’t just be seen from the quantity of public meetings, conferences or how many people have been convicted. Instead, success should be judged by whether we have a society with a strong mentality to reject corrupt ...



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