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CAC Commissioner in the National Television’s Exclusive Interview

Dili 27/07/2012— “CAC is not an enemy of the public but as a partner…we continue open and look forward to work with the new government and national parliament in preventing and combating corruption in Timor-Leste,” said the Anti-Corruption Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares in the national television (TVTL)’s exclusive interview this morning. The exclusive interview …

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Komisáriu CAC Koalia iha TVTL nia Programa Intrevista Ekskluzivu

Dili 27/07/2012– “CAC la’os inimígu públiku nian…ami nakloke nafatin no sei servisu hamutuk ho governu no parlamentu nasional foun halo prevensaun no kombate korrupsaun iha Timor-Leste,” tenik Komisáriu Komisaun Anti-Korrupsaun Adérito de Jesus Soars iha televizaun nasional (TVTL) nia intrevista eskluzivu ohin dader. Intrevista ekskluzivu oras ida ho TVTL ne’e  husu Komisáriu Adérito atu fahe …

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CAC Deputy Commissioner Neves Gives Lecture on Transparency and Accountability

Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission José António de Jesus das Neves gave a two-hour lecture today on transparency and accountability as control mechanism in Timor-Leste at the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL). The seminar lecture was attended by more than 60 UNTL students whom mostly from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. …

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Komisáriu Adjuntu Neves fo Aula kona-ba Transparensia no Accountability

Komisáriu Adjuntu Komisaun Anti-Korrupsaun José António de Jesus das Neves ohin dader fo aula durante oras rua nia laran kona-ba transparensia no accountability nudar mekanismu kontrolu iha Timor-Leste iha Universidade Nasional Timor-Leste (UNTL). Hamutuk estudantes UNTL nain 60 resin mak partisipa iha semináriu loron baluk ne’e—estudante sira barak liu mai husi Departementu Siensia Polítika no …

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