Timor-Leste’s Request on Technical Assistant at 1st Resumed 10th Session of the Implementation Review Group 2 – 4 September 2019 Vienna International Centre

Madam Chair,

I would like to thank you to the Secretariat and Panelists for sharing your very useful information and experiences. In the line with this topic, I would like to highlight one point we raised yesterday in regard to this matter.

As we mentioned yesterday, Timor-Leste is a young thriving democracy with numerous priorities, however we encounter a lack of adept resources. Building clean and efficient government is one of the priorities of our government, which is aligned with UNCAC’s objectives.  

I am pleased to inform Madam Chair that a number of activities are ongoing since our new government took office middle of last year. Please allow me just to mention one of them. Our government has completed its national consultation on Public Administrative Reform Program.

This policy reformed focused on five main areas such as (1) To improve services of Public Administration, (2) To strengthen accountability and performance incentives, (3) To strengthen human resources, (4) to ensuring the Public Administration runs efficiently and (5) To improve the services for the business community.

This policy enquired all line ministries and state institutions to the priority of promoting good governance, and required the Anti-Corruption Commission of Timor-Leste to review, revise and develop anti-corruption program.

We are, at the moment, discussing the draft of the Anti-Corruption Law and Asset Declaration at the national level. The Anti-Corruption Commission with support of UNDP in Timor-Leste is conducting anti-corruption baseline study and planning to organize the workshop on the development of National Anti-Corruption Strategic soon after its completion.

Considering the enormous work and the complexities in fighting against corruption and the limitation of our resources to response to the demand, therefore, we would like to reiterate Timor-Leste’s request for international assistant to support our efforts in fighting against corruption as a global enemy.

Specifically, we would like to request a continue support to Timor-Leste in the process of UNCAC reviews and to request in advance the assistance from UNODC to revise our anti-corruption law and asset declaration once we reach to the final draft.

We would like also to request UNODC to facilitate or to channel us to some State Parties who have successful experiences in developing and implementing their National Anti-Corruption Strategy. We would love to discuss and learn closely their success stories.

We will be very much appreciated if distinguished delegates could share with us the detail of your initiatives on this matter. We might not rekindle your kind assistance, but you will always be remembered and remained in our mind and heart.

Madam chair, we look forward to your supports and I thank you so very much for exhausting your attention to our request.

Warm regards,

Alexandre Faustino Freitas

Deputy Commissioner of Timor-Leste’s Anti-corruption Commission

Focal point of the Implementation of Self-Assessment in Timor-Leste.

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