CAC Presented the Recommendations to be Incorporate into the Anti-Corruption Law, in Commission A of the NP

Dili – Anti Corruption Commission (AAC) Commissioner Dr. Sergio Hornai accompanied by his entire structure fulfilling the invitation of Commission A for judicial and constitutional affairs of the National Parliament’s by attending a public hearing to convey its position and opinions on Anti-Corruption Law proposal at Natinal Parliament Conference Room in Dili on Wednesday (27/2).

The AAC delegation was welcomed by Vice President of Commission A Francisco Francisco de Vasconselos of PLP party, MP Aniceto Guterres and Joaquim “Boraluli” dos Santos of FRETILIN party and MP Patrocinio Fernandes dos Reis of CNRT party.

The Anti-Corruption Law Proposal was proposed by opposition parties in the parliament; FRETILIN party and Democratic Party (PD). ACC as an institution that will implement this particular law was invited to convey its opinions and recommendations to the proposal of law.

In the meeting with parliamentarians, the ACC commissioner Dr. Sergio Hornai presented 12 points of recommendations to the Commission A of National Parliament. The recommendations emphasized some fundamental aspecs such as the crimes that hasn’t regulated in penal code, the competences of CAC in the process of investigation of corruption cases, the prevention measures, as well as asset recovery.

In addition, the recommedations also covered some other issues that relevant to the effort of combating corrupcation such as the implementation of extradition, protection witnesses, experts and victims, and proctection of reporting persons. Commissioner hoped that CAC’s recommendations to be considered into the final draft of the anti-corruption law before presenting to the plenary to be debated and approved.

The discussion was preceded well in a positive, constructive atmosphere and the Membres of Parliament expressed their high appreciation to the opinions and recommendations from AAC Timor-Leste. (*)

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