CAC is not an Enemy to Government Officials

Dili – Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission Sergio Hornai was a keynote speaker at the 19th Anniversary celebration of Customs Department with the topic “The Concept of Corruption in the Government Institutions” at the Auditorium of the Ministry of Finance Aitarak Laran Dili on Monday (28/1).

This was first time for Commissioner Hornai as a keynote speaker at an official forum after holding his position as a commissioner of CAC.

In his presentation, Commissioner Hornai clearly stated that the position of the Anti-Corruption Commission as an important partner to all state institutions and not as an enemy to seniors public officers who have playing important roles to serve people and country.

“The existence of CAC is not an enemy for each civil servant both directly or indirectly within state institutions” Said Commissioner Hornai.

“However, the vision and mission of CAC are clearly defined, which is to ensure the rule of law in a democratic society. Every citizen of Timor-Leste has right and obligation to ensure Timor-Leste fully obey to the rules of law and the principles of democracy, he added

On this occasion, Commissioner Hornai on behalf of CAC congratulated Department of Customs that has been playing very important roles to ensure the responsibility of state to increase the revenue of state during 19 years in its mission.

He closed his intervention by congratulating all public servants who work tireless in this department during 19 years…and said to them: You have done a great job and we are proud of your commitment and dedication to serve our people and I would like to convince you that you are a great partner of CAC,” Commissioner affirmed. (*)

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