CAC-MCIA Hold a One-Day Debate About the Results of the Research on Public Subventions

400A2759Dili – Commissioner of Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) Aderito Pinto Tilman officially opened a one-day thematic discussion yesterday (20/2) about the result of the research conducted by CAC with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment. The topic of the discussion was “Estudus Ajudus Subvensoens Publiku MCIA Tinan Iha Fiscal 2014-2015”, a research carried out by CAC during 2016. The debate took place at the Noble memorial hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Dili

Constancio Pinto, Minister of MCIA, also took part in the debate attended by more than 40 senior officials. The debate was also moderated by the two Deputy Commissioners of CAC: Manuel Bucar and Rui dos Santos Pereira

The debate focused on the preliminary results of a research on public subventions. Objective of the research is to provide a baseline to strengthen control mechanisms on the implementation of programs using public subventions. The study aims to detect flaws in the implementation process of public funded programs, how this funds are allocated, and to recommend to the Government, possible solutions to overcome the problems identified. The study is part of CAC’sstrategy to prevent and fight corruption.

CAC Commissioner in his intervention said that the CAC through the Risk Assessment Studies Unit conducted the research focusing on fiscal year 2014-2015, and on project whose allocated budget was more than $5,000. The research was carried out from September 25thuntil October 31st 2016 in 12 Municipalities, including the special region of Oecusse. CAC officials conducted interviews with 158 beneficiaries and made observations to their activities.

The result of the research will be published in a book and its recommendations will be sent to the Council of Ministers to improve some procedures and mechanisms of socialization for the beneficiaries. CAC hopes that the results of the research will be carefully reviewed and adopted by the Council of Ministers.

“We are meeting with you today to help the Minister and the Council of Ministers to fix the awarding procedure and to reconsider its approach to public grants” said the Commissioner.

Commissioner Adérito added that the research is part of CAC’s strategy to control how the state budget is spent. Similar research will be carried out soon with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Secretary of State for Women.

“CAC will wait MCIA’s feedback on the research to strengthen its credibility”

All participants were enthusiastic and actively participated in the debate yesterday and during the questions and answers session the debate was particularly “hot”. Both sides argued presenting their facts and data with strong arguments and in a very constructive manner. The debate aimed to improve the mechanisms for the awarding of public grants regulated by the Government Decree 1/2009.

The Director of the Internal Audit of MCIA was appointed as the focal point to cooperate with CAC’s researchers to complete the existing research, adding the MCIA’s point of views before sending the final results to the Council of Ministers. (*)

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