CAC Continues to Raise Awareness for Senior Public Servants

IMG_8214Dili – Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) continues to raise awareness for senior public servants in a two-day (9-10/9) round table discussion on procurement and finance at National Election Commission (CNE) Hall Colmera on Wednesday (9/9). Commissioner Adérito Pinto Tilman addressed the opening remarks for the two-day roundtable discussion with the topic “Meilloramentu servisu aprovizionamentu iha ambitu rejime no prosedimentu nian – Melhorate Procurament Services in an atmosphere and a procedure regimes”.

The objective of two-day roundtable discussion is to promote a clean, transparent, and credible procurement system and also to diagnose the challenges and obstacles encountered in the implementation. The outcome of the workshop will contribute to anti-corruption preventive measures to be implemented in the relevant line ministers in the future.

“This two-day workshop is a corruption prevention effort in the public sector, particularly in procurement and finance which are essential to determine the quality of infranstructure development based on the objectives outlined in the Natioanl Devolopment Plan 2011-2030” Said Commissioener Tilman.

CAC prevention efforts, said Comissioner Tilman has identified several impeding obstacles that frequently occurred in the adjucation process at national and municipal levels, which contribute to the quality of insfrascture development in Timor-Leste.

Comissioner Tilman, accompanied by two deputies Commisioner José “Sama Larua” Neves and Manuel Bucar further commented “CAC has conducted different activities together with relevant institutions such as National Procurament Comission (CNA), National Development Agency (ADN), Minister of Public Works, Minister of Finance, Inspectorate General of State, Public Services Comission (CFP) and others on how to improve administration and technical works in order to comply with legal procedures established.”

“Referring to these thoughts, CAC invited relevant institutions and agencies responsible for national development to come here and exchange ideas, debate and hold a constructive discussion about important roles, challenges and obstacles encountered” said Commissioner Tilman.

The outcome of the roundtable discussion will help CAC to cooperate with relevant institutions to develop anti-corruption prevention action to improve the implementation of procurement system with transparency, responsibility, and credibility in order to uphold a culture of rejecting corruption in procurement and finance process and to achieve the objectives of National Development Plan.

The essence of the roundtable discussion is to encourage participants on how to ensure internal management and procurement system properly implemented in order to produce positive outcomes and benefits for the people of Timor-Leste.

Speakers at the first day are the General Director of National Procurement Agency (CNA) Aniceto do Rosario and General Director of National Development Agency (ADN) Samuel Marçal and MP Paulino Monteiro, moderated by Deputy Comissioner José “Sama Larua” Neves. Speakers for second day of the workshop (9/10/2015) are the National Director of Road Services of Minister of Public Works Rui Hernani Guterres and National Director of Payment of Minister of Finance, Rui Ferreira Magno.

The workshop participated by General Directors, National Directors, and procurement and fianace staffs in line ministers totaled 50 people. The workshop continues to second day on Thursday (10/9) today. (*)

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