Welcome Remarks of CAC Commissioner, Dr. Adérito Pinto On the occasion of Study Tour of Solomon Islands Delegations

IMG_1781Welcome Remarks of CAC Commissioner, Dr. Adérito Pinto

On the occasion of Study Tour of Solomon Islands Delegations on

“The Sharing of the Experience and Lessons Learned of Fighting Corruption: Timor-Leste’s Perspective”

Friday, July 10th 2015

His Excellency Ombudsman, Mr. Joe Poraiwai

His Excellency of Chairman of Leadership Code Commission, Mr. Francis Luza

Excellences Delegations of Solomon Islands

Excellences Deputy Commissioners and Directors of CAC

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC), I would like to warmly welcome Excellences Delegations of Solomon Islands on this very study tour to observe and learn the experience of fighting against corruption in Timor-Leste.

We are living in a globalized world with incredible technology innovation and economic development. However corruption remains as a serious global problem that undermines development, triggers social upheaval that becomes major concern to all countries. Corruption is the enemy of development. Corruption fosters various economic and social problems, creates injustices and inequality and other crimes.

Corruption is a global phenomenon. However the solutions to address the corruption issues have to be tailored to legal, institutional, socio-cultural context in every country. Therefore, the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) is very honored with the visit and privileged to share our experience and lessons learned of preventing and combating corruption in Timor-Leste with the Excellences Delegations. We hope that Timor-Leste’s experience of preventing and combating corruption will contribute to your efforts to address corruption issue and establish the Solomon Islands Anti-Corruption Commission.

Timor-Leste and Solomon Islands share many similar nature and character for instance socio-cultural, politics and both are small islands developing states. Therefore, the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) would like to commend the seriousness and efforts to establish the Solomon Island Anti-Corruption Commission that is independent and autonomous.

Excellences Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) is a young institution that just completed 5 years of existence. However the unwavering dedication, resolute commitment, and the determined efforts of the Commission to overcome the challenges and obstacles show the resilient will and seriousness of purpose of preventing and combating corruption in the context of State Building of Timor-Leste.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) was established as part of the Public Administration Reformed Agenda of 5th Constitutional led by the leader of freedom fighter, former Prime Minister of Xanana Gusmão. The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) was created by law No.8/2009 with the mission to undertake prevention action and criminal investigation action against corruption in any of its forms as defined by the Penal Code of Timor-Leste.

The Commission is given the status of an independent, specialized criminal policy body with legal persons governed by public law, given a legal personality with technical independence and administrative and financial autonomy.

In the capacity of criminal investigation, the Commission shall act the responsibility of the competent judicial authority that lies in the Public Prosecutor Office according to the law. In the capacity of criminal prevention, the Commission undertakes its mandate with collaboration and active participation of all relevant institutions such as Office of Inspector General, Provedoria of Human Rights and Justice, Public Service Commission, Private Sector, Academic, Civil Society Organizations and Government.

Excellences Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope that this study tour today will provide great opportunity to the delegations of Solomon Islands to see and learn about the efforts of preventing and combating corruption in Timor-Leste. We hope that Timor-Leste experience could be a small reference of combating corruption in Solomon Islands.

Once again, my very warm welcome to excellences delegations and I wish a fruitful discussion with us and visits to other institutions later this afternoon and success to our common efforts to fight against corruption.




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