PM Rui Araujo Visits CAC

IMG_2611Dili – Prime Minister Rui Maria Araujo accompanied by Minister of State for Administration and Internal Affairs, Dionisio Babo visited office of Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) today (27/2) to see with their own eyes the real condition of the commission.

Commissioner Dr. Adérito Tilman accompanied by his two Deputies José “Sama Larua” Neves, Manuel Bucar, and Secretary Executive of CAC Alexandre Freitas and other Commissions’ workers were delighted in welcoming the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Rui Araujo and Minister Dionisio Babo hold a closed meeting with Senior Management CAC at Meeting Room.

Deputy Commisioner Neves on behalf of CAC appreciated the initiative of chief of government to visit the Commission to see the real situation and urge to the Prime Minister to keep close attention to the difficulties, obstacles and challenges faced by the commission in the future.

“Prime Minister’s initiative to visit the commission can articulate as the effort to prevent and combat corruption in all sovereign organs of state, because prevents and combat corruption is not CAC’s job only. Appreciate to Prime Minister’s visit and he can see with his own two eyes what kind of difficulties and challenges that the Commission faces,” said Deputy Commissioner Neves.

This is the first visit of the Prime Minister Rui Araujo to commission’s office in Farol after his inauguration on 16 of February at Palacio Nobre Lahane Dili.

“To prevent and to combat corruption is not the competence of CAC only but it is also the obligation and commitment of the government in this sacred mission. My presence here today at the Commission to better understand Commission’s services, procedures that CAC has, challenges, difficulties that they face. Also came here to manifest the government’s appreciation and support to CAC’s work,” Said Prime Minister.

Now CAC had 66 staff that comprises of 15 investigators, 19 administration staff, 7 prevention officers, 8 education and research officers 8, 7 drivers, 3 Senior Management, 4 Cleaners, 3 national and international advisers and 1 professional appointing. (*)


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