CAC Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

IMG_1375Dili – Commission of Anti-Corruption (CAC) established on February 22, 2010 celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. CAC organized a workshop by inviting key speakers from government and judicial institutions with theme “Combat Corruption from Legal Perspective” at Salao Nobre of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Key speakers of first session were Commissioner Adérito Tilman, Chief of Supreme Court Guilhermino da Silva and newly appointed Prime Minister dr. Rui Maria Araujo. The afternoon session speakers were General Prosecutor Dr. José Ximenes, Ombudsman of Human Rights Dr. Silverio Pinto and Vice-President of Committee A of National Parliament, Mr. Araão Noel.

The objective of workshop is to gather authorities’ opinion from executive, legislative and judiciary sides to enhance individuals’ integrity and institutions to become a guidance of a good governance for national development interest and become as a good guide to authorities in collective efforts to fight corruption and keep the value of good-governance in this young nation, Timor-Leste.

The theme of this anniversary was a reminder and as a reflection to all Timorese leaders to use possitive efforts fights against corruption. Senior public servants were invited to this event because they are the key of transformation and have moral responsibility to defend the value of transparency and accountability in the workplace.

This celebration of CAC anniversary, compare to other public celebration is celebrated in a very simple manner. In his short of speech, CAC Commissioner Dr. Adérito Tilman said; “There is no tolerance towards corruption practice, or “zero tolerance”.  We need to continue minimize challenges and obstacles that is existed, and show firm action and commitment to combat corruption. To fight corruption needs strong dedication from everyone: government agencies, civil societies, etc. Thats why, I express my sentiment of compatriots and also positive will to the effort, dedication and progress that this commission have been focus on for the last five years,” said Commissioner Adérito Tilman.

Participants and government leaders who took  part in this anniversary celebration showed their happiness and enthusiasm in this event. In this open discussion,  one important issue raised was the anti-corruption law, it is hoped that the Governmnet leaders will soon approve the anti corruption law in order for CAC to have full power to combat corruption in Timor-Leste. (*)

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