CAC Staff Successfully Concluded On Job Training In KPK

Fober CAC-KPK_V2Jakarta – To enhance staffs’ capacity and improve service quality of Commisão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) in preventing and eradicating corruption, 10 officials of CAC were sent to conduct On-Job Training program at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for three weeks. The training conducted on October 13 to 31, financed by GIZ through a Bilateral Cooperation between Government of Timor-Leste and Federal Republic of Germany.

The objective of this program is to improve staffs capacity through a process of study, knowledge and skills sharing with KPK Indonesia, that known for its achievement in preventing and combating corruption.

CAC delegation, comprising of 11 officials led by Executive Secretary of CAC Alexander Freitas and was welcomed by three KPK commissioners, Abraham Samad, Zulkarnain and Bambang Widjojanto at KPK Office Kuningan Jakarta, Indonesia.

Chief of KPK Commissioner Abraham Samad expressed his gratitude and applauded the decision of CAC leadership to send its officials to share the knowledge and experience between two Commissions of the two neighboring countries.  Abraham shared the experience of 11 years standing Commission, from limited infrastructure, personnel limitation to a broader area of Indonesia. “Maybe this is impossible. But Thanks God, with hard work and dedication, we can still exist to fight corruption in Indonesia.”

With that limitation, said Abraham, the Commission determines its priority in case handling. But, he regrets, despite of all dedication and commitment, KPK still receives critics from certain society that the KPK it is often “selective” in handling the case.

“In the scale of priorities, we also have focus area to some sectors; energy security and the environment, plus defense, revenue and infrastructure. We look at these four sectors that involve lives of many people” Abraham explained.

KPK Deputy Chairman Bambang Widjojanto added, the Commission is aware that corruption in Indonesia is different from what happened in other countries. “Here, corruption is massive, systematic and well-organized. Therefore, eradication must be done progressively,” Bambang said in reference to the integration between enforcement and prevention programs.

Meanwhile, CAC Commissioner Adérito Tilman expressed gratitude to KPK for the willingness to share experience and knowledge with CAC. He emphasized that fighting corruption is a very tough task, therefore with all due efforts we send our staffs to learn from KPK.

“I truly believe this on-job-training will be of great benefit to CAC especially to our 10 staffs that will be mentored and have firsthand experience of how KPK is exercising its mandates and implementing day to day work,” Said Commissioner Tilman.

He hoped that 10 CAC staffs will gain knowledge and utilize it optimally for the fight against corruption in Timor-Leste. (*)

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