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CAC Realizes Workshop with Public-Private Sectors in Oe-cusse District on Preventing Corruption

Pante Macassar – Today in Oe-cusse district more than 100 people, among local businessmen and public servants had access to a seminar designed for providing information on what efforts they can do to fight corruption. The seminar was held and organized by the Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC). The seminar took place at the Oe-cusse District Administration …

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CAC Realiza Workshop Ho Seitór Púliku-Privadu Iha Distritu Oe-cusse Ba Prevene Korrupsaun

Pante Macassar – Funsionariu Estadu hamutuk ho Empresariu lokal liu 100 iha Distritu Oecusse asesu ba informasaun kona-ba esforsu luta kontra korrupsaun liu husi workshop ne’ebé organiza husi Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC). Workshop ne’e halao iha Salaun Administrasaun Distritu Oeccuse iha loron Kuarta-feira (1/10) ohin. Oradores importante iha workshop loron tomak ne’e mak Komisariu CAC Dr. …

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