Message From New CAC Commissioner Tilman: Let’s Work Together To Fight Corruption

Dili – In his first address to Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) staff, new Commissioner Dr. Adérito Antonio Pinto Tilman made clear the best way to prevent and fight corruption in Timor-Leste is to work together as a team.
CAC Senior Management officially introduced Commissioner Tilman to staff and investigators yesterday (24/7) afternoon.
Commissioner Tilman in his address said he was elected by the National Parliament to lead the Commission. He said his role is not to reform its structure, which has already been established, but to reinforce, enhance and try to resolve any institutional challenges together with CAC’s staff.
“I am here not to take apart the Commission. I come here to reinforce what the previous Commissioner has completed with the two deputy commissioners and other colleagues. There are good elements that we will maintain and few failures we need to mend. That is why, during my time here, I will continue to appoint the existing two deputy commissioners,” Commissioner Tilman said.
He further expressed confidence that Deputy Commissioners Jose A. Neves and Manuel Bucar, all CAC staff and investigators will work together during the four years of the second mandate to face any challenges in prevention and anti-corruption efforts in the future.
During the second mandate, from 2014-2018, CAC staff will be focused on raising and strengthening public awareness in order to build ethical integrity and professionalism in the public service and community. Commissioner Tilman has also indicated that his first priority will be to lobby the Government and Parliament to approve CAC’s organic law this year.
Commissioner Tilman also appeals to all staff not to divulge any confidential information circulated within the institution to the public. He asked investigators to remember that that law is their bible, therefore investigators must carry out their work in a proper, legal manner.
“We must unite to carry out duties carefully with confidentiality and integrity. If we are united, our institution will be strong and other people and organizations will respect us externally.
“We should not defer to politicians. They can make political statements through the media, but we should not respond politically – instead we should respond sensibly as investigators,” said the Commissioner.
Commissioner Tilman also said all state institutions that have related anti-corruption duties need to work together in cooperation. Preventing and combating corruption right across the world is a huge job, and one that one institution alone cannot do.
“All institutions must work together. We cannot say that one institution alone can prevent and fight corruption in this country. We need to improve ourselves to face the challenges of the future,” Commissioner Tilman said.
The first steps in CAC’s program will be to re-appoint the two deputy commissioners on 30 July at Delta Nova, followed by a request to the Prosecutor-General to resume CAC’s investigative powers that have been on hold since start of this year. (*)

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