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Four Years of CAC’s Dedication; Challenges And Successes

Success in fighting corruption shouldn’t just be seen from the quantity of public meetings, conferences or how many people have been convicted. Instead, success should be judged by whether we have a society with a strong mentality to reject corrupt practices in the work place and in daily life. Success of a three-pronged approach The …

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Tinan Hat Dedikasaun CAC; Dezafius no Susesu

Suseku kombate korrupsaun laos hare’e husi kuantidade sorumutu públiku, konferensia ka ema nain hira mak konvense ona. Susesu tenki julga husi ita nian sosiedade ho mentalidade forte atu rejeita pratika korrupsaun iha fatin servisu no iha moris loron-loron.  Aprosimasaun Tolu Nian Susesu Primeiru pontu, maske investigasaun pratika korrupsaun importante tebes, ida ne’e seidauk naton no …

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