CAC Meet With President Of The National Parliament

Dili- Wednesday, (23/4), Deputy Commissioner José Antonio de das Neves and Manuel Bucar Corte Real accompanied by Director of Prevention Abrão Jose Freitas, Investigator Agusto Castro and the National Adviser to the Office of Commissioner Jonas Guterres, met with the President of the National Parliament, Dr. Vicente Guterres.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss a recent proposal by the Prosecutor-General to amend Law No.8/2009, which formed the Anti-Corruption Commission, in relation to the appointment of deputy commissioners to the CAC. CAC also thanked the National Parliament for its support in achieving its strategic goals during the first mandate of 2010-14. CAC will continue to work in good faith with its government partners to ensure the anti-corruption measures that support a prosperous Timor-Leste are achieved.

The meeting took place at the President of the National Parliament’s meeting room.


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