60 Becora Community Leaders And Students Participate In CAC Seminar

Dili – The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) today held a half-day seminar to community leaders and students in Becora. The seminar was attended by more than 60 people where Director of Education and Research was the principal speaker.

The seminar is part of CAC’s program to disseminate information to community leaders and student under the topic, “Honesty is the key to help us avoid corruption” by preventing corrupt practices.

The objective of today’s seminar in Becora was to explain to people what CAC’s mission and vision comprises. Community leaders, who work closely with people in grassroots campaigns, and students as the future leaders of Timor-Leste, need the knowledge to recognize what an independent institution like CAC can do to prevent and fight corruption.

“One of CAC’s responsibilities is to come together with the people of this country to build a barrier that prevents and fights corruption in Timor-Leste. CAC stands together with the community, other relevant institutions, civil society, media and students to fight a common public enemy: corruption,” said Director.

The seminar finished with a questions and answers session where community leaders and students came up with their own constructive criticisms of CAC, to assist in further developing the institution.

Throughout the year, CAC will continue to hold seminars with the country’s future leaders to provide them with the knowledge and tools to fight corruption.  (*)

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