200 UNTL University Students Participate in CAC Seminar

Dili – The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) today held a half-day seminar at the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL) for the Faculty of Economics. The seminar was attended by more than 200 university students where Deputy Commissioner of CAC, Manuel Bucar Corte Real, was the principal speaker.

At the seminar, students from elementary to university level learnt about the duties and responsibilities of the Education and Research directorate through the topic, “Honesty is the Key for Students to Avoid Corrupt Behaviour”.

CAC’s main objective of conducting the seminar was to explain the mission and vision of the Commission. As future leaders, university students need to know how CAC as a state institution works to prevent corruption, educate and research corruption, and investigate criminal corruption.

In this seminar, Deputy Commissioner Bucar explained about the rights of university students and the obligations placed upon this new generation to become the national leaders of the future. He said they should study hard and maintain a good attitude towards the big responsibilities they will have to the people of this country.

Deputy Commission Bucar also explained that as Timor-Leste is a small nation rich in oil and gas natural resources in the Timor Sea, this wealth should be managed well by the State for the prosperity of the people of Timor-Leste.

“The onus is on university students to study hard and serve their own people of Timor-Leste to free it from corruption. With knowledge, university students can be ready to develop ideas that promote anti-corruption crime practices, and offer a solution to real problems,” said Deputy Commissioner Bucar.

The seminar closed with a questions and answers session where students came up with their own constructive criticism to the CAC, to assist in further developing the institution. Also participating in today’s seminar was the First Vice-Dean of the Economics Faculty, Filipe Mendes Pereira, and Second Vice-Dean Longuinhos dos Santos and students.

Throughout the year, CAC will continue to hold seminars with the country’s future leaders to provide them with the knowledge and tools to fight corruption.  (*)

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