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CAC Receives 30 Electronic Tablets from USAID and MCC to Strengthen its Education and Research Capacity


CAC will use this equipment to develop a survey of
integrity in the public sector

Dili, September 12, 2013.  The MCC-funded USAID Anti-Corruption Program,
FOTI Timor Leste, formalized today the donation of 30 electronic tablets to the
Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) in support of its survey and research work.

In July 2013, CAC’s Research and Education
Directorate began to develop a survey aimed at assessing integrity levels in
the public sector.  CAC assumed full
leadership of this process under the technical and financial assistance of
USAID and MCC.  This involves carrying
out complex and highly technical tasks, such as survey design and field
work.  CAC will interview a total of 1462 public servants nationwide
during the data-collection phase of the survey, whose results are to be
released in December 2013.

“The use of cutting edge technology, as
represented by this equipment,” said Aderito Soares, CAC’s Commissioner, “will
facilitate, improve and expedite our survey work”.  “Furthermore, the information that we may
gather” – he added- “will be particularly relevant to guide our corruption-prevention
work and public outreach activities.”

Malik Chaka, Director of Threshold Programs at the
Millennium Challenge Corporation commented that beyond the subject donation,
“MCC and USAID are working closely with CAC in the implementation of training
and technical assistance activities in support of CAC’s Investigations and
Corruption-Prevention Directorates”.

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CAC Receives 30 Electronic Tablets from USAID and MCC to Strengthen its Education and Research Capacity