CAC hosts the Seventh GJPRU workshop in Delta Nova

Dili-Thursday, September 26, the Commissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) today hosts the seventh workshop of Group of Professional
Human Resources Managers (Grupu Jestor Profesional Rekursu Umanu/GJPRU); a part of the Government’s Civil Service Exercise with the
topic “Promote the Role of Human Resources to Combat Corruption” in the Meeting Hall of Delta Nova Comoro, Dili.

Deputy Commissioner of CAC for Prevention, Manuel Bucar Corte-Real stated, “The objective of this workshop is to enhance the collaboration between members of GJPRU with line ministers to identify training priorities for its members”, in his opening remarks.

The speakers for this workshop were the Coordinator of GJPRU, Maria de Jesus Sarmento, Deputy Commissioner of CAC for Prevention, Manuel Bucar, and Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission (CFP), Jesuina Gomes. The Executive Secretary of CAC, Alexander Gusmao ledthe presentation with the officers of the Human Resource Unitof CAC.

“I want to express sincere gratitude for the existence of this group which has served the welfare of our society and improvedthe public serviceespecially in the human resources area”
said Manuel Bucar, Deputy Commissioner of CAC for Prevention. Commissioner of Civil Service Commission (CFP), Jesuina Gomes commented, “Members of GJPRU have the obligation to evaluate their workincluding definingtraining needs”

Alexander Freitas, Executive Secretary of CAC noted, “The CAC Human Resource Unit is facing various constraints”. “Therefore, training and capacity development are necessary to
improve human resources work to serve better our people and our country”, he continued.

Jesuina Gomes, Commissioner of Civil Service Commission (CFP) reported that“AusAID is committed to facilitate training, therefore I urge GJPRU to establish a steering committee to identify priority areas for training”.

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