State and Non-State Actors Jointly Discuss About Asset Declaration

Dili, 15/11/2012More than 70 participants representing the four Organs of State (Office of President, National Parliament, Executive Government and Judiciary) and Civil Society Organizations, including Media, participate today in a roundtable discussion on the importance to establish an effective control mechanism on asset declaration in Timor-Leste. Most participants in today’s discussion, especially from the lines ministers, were the ones whom participated in the first roundtable discussion that was held by the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) and the Office of Inspector General in June 2012.

The roundtable discussion that was held in the new premises of the CNE in Caicoli Dili, was jointly organized by CAC and the National Parliament Committee A on Constitutional Rights, Justice, Public Administration, and Anti-Corruption. It aims to gather critical views and insights from various representatives as to enrich a background notes on asset declaration prior to the establishment of any legal mechanism pertaining to the issue.

The discussion was opened by President of the National Parliament Vicente Guterres and a representative from the Office of President of the Republic read out President Taur Matan Ruak’s supportive message for the gathering.

The discussion presented seven keynote speakers, namely Claudio Ximenes, President of the Court of Appeal; Carmelita Caetano Moniz, President of Committee A of the National Parliament; Antoninho Bianco, Chief Party Bench of the Opposition Party Fretilin; Agio Pereira, State Minister and President of the Council of Ministers, José António de Jesus das Neves, CAC Deputy Commissioner, Vicente Fernandes Brito, Prosecutor of Dili District, and Sergio Hornai, President of Public Defender Office.

Several key points highlighted during the roundtable discussion include the importance to establish a law on asset declaration, a creation of an effective control mechanism for verification of assets upon declaration by state officials and that system should be implementable according to Timor-Leste’s context and the establishment of a national strategy for preventing and combating corruption.

The discussion was held in a positive and constructive atmosphere. It demonstrates good will and commitment of both state and non-state actors’ to participate in such discussion meeting. As a follow up action upon this meeting, a working group will be set up and the members will be consisted of representatives from the four Organs of State, CAC, and Civil Society Organizations. This working group will be responsible for the preparing materials for background information prior to the establishment of asset declaration related mechanism and legal framework.

CAC will work closely with the Secretariat of Committee A of the National Parliament to prepare an executive summary of today’s meeting and the result will be shared with everyone in the meeting today.

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