CAC-PNTL Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Dili, 7/9/2012–This morning, the Anti-Corruption Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares and Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) Commander Longuinhos Monteiro, signed an agreement to institutionalize the two offices’ working cooperation in combating corruption in Timor—Leste. The agreement that was signed in the CAC’s Office in Farol, Dili, outlined including among others, cooperation in the area of investigation, the use of facilities, and joint training in the areas related to combating corruption-related crimes.In his speech, Commissioner Adérito said that the cooperation agreement between CAC and PNTL is an important step in the process of institutional building of CAC as a young institution and it aims to further strengthening the Office’s collaboration with other institutions in the fight against corruption in the country.

As the agreement stated, PNTL will provide supports in the area of corruption-crime investigations, open-up space for the use of PNTL’s facilities and both CAC and PNTL to arrange joint trainings for CAC and PNTL officers. The subjects will be jointly determined based on the needs and available resources.

General Commander Monteiro expressed his great appreciation over CAC’s initiative in initiating the discussions regarding the need to institutionalize the cooperation between the two Offices and until the agreement was reached and signed today.

In his short speech, PNTL Commander Monteiro assured that PNTL will provide its full and upmost supports and is ready to collaborate with CAC wherever and whenever as to ensure the efforts in fighting the complexity of today’s corruption cases such as financial and economic crimes and others, to be more effective.

Commander Monteiro demonstrated his commitment on the implementation of the agreement by deciding to deploy couple of PNTL officers to CAC’s Office staring today to provide support to CAC’s investigators in carrying out corruption investigation works.

In the coming days, the two Offices are expected to hold further discussions on the agreement’s implementation details.

CAC and PNTL has been working together singe CAC’s establishment in 2010. Despite differences in their organizational structures, as specialized police, the functional nature of CAC’s works, by law, is the same as PNTL, although CAC’s work focuses only on corruption cases. That means CAC is not only carrying out investigation works but it could also apprehend suspects on the spot when it is necessary.

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