Coordination Meeting between CAC and PSC Senior Management

Dili,14/08/2012The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) Senior Management yesterday attended a meeting organized by the Public Service Commission (PSC) where the two Offices’ Top Managers exchanged views on how to prevent and combat corruption in the public service and to strengthen coordination in the area of public service administration. CAC’s team in the two-hour meeting at the PSC Office was led by Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares and PSC’s team was led by Commissioner Libório Pereira.

The friendly assembly was part of regular coordination meeting between the two Offices’ High-Level Officials. The two Commissions have been working closely in the area of human resource management for the last two years, particularly regarding the recruitment of public service for several positions in CAC. In the meeting, CAC Commissioner Adérito de Jesus explained about progress and challenges facing by CAC in institutional building where human resources capacity, performance evaluation, work ethics become crucial elements in building an effective institution.  Furthermore he said, upholding institutional integrity is very important and it requires transparency and accountability, professionalism, honesty, impartiality, loyalty of its public service.   The Public Service Commission in returned, highlighted the importance of implementing Public Service Code of Ethics or Disciplinary Procedures in case of any wrongdoings committed by public service.

Before ended, CAC Commissioner expressed his interest to invite PSC Senior Management for a reciprocity meeting with CAC and its staff in the near future as to share information about the work of PSC and the rules of procedures that governing public service in Timor-Leste. Such arrangement is also part of promoting effective communication between the two offices.


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