250 PNTL New Cadets Receive Lecture on Anti-Corruption

Dili, 10/08/2012—A total of 250 male and female new cadets of the National Police (PNTL) this morning received lecture on anti-corruption from Deputy Anti-Corruption Commissioner José de Jesus das Neves in the Police Academy in Comoro, Dili. The lecture was divided into two classes with 125 new cadets in each class.  

The two-hour lecture by Deputy Neves focused on raising new cadets’ awareness about the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) include the Office’s mandate, competence as specialized criminal police, and types of corruption as defined by the Penal Code. 

As part of the State institution, particularly the law enforcement body, the National Police should be well-informed about the work of CAC as to be able to corporate well and translate the fight against corruption into tangible actions along with other public institutions and Civil Society Organizations in Timor-Leste.

It is in the Anti-Corruption Commission’s long-term vision to see that in the future, the law enforcement agency to adopt and incorporate the anti-corruption subject into its Academy’s curriculum for all the national police staff to learn about it.

This morning’s lecture received great attention from participants in the two classes through their curiosity to learn more by asking different questions on a range of issues related to corruption and police’s role in helping combating corruption.

PNTL is one of the Commission’s important partners in the fight against corruption in the country and has been very supportive of CAC’s work in the area of prevention and criminal investigation of corruption deeds.

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