“Living with Honesty”: CAC’s Message to Students on Combating Corruption

Dili, 04/07/201 The Anti-Corruption Commission’s team from the Education, Campaign and Research Directorate (EKP), during two weeks recently carried out a series of seminars on CAC’s role in combating corruption with about 1000 elementary and secondary students from three districts: Bobonaro, Liquiça and Aileu. The seminars, which highlighted a theme “Hamutuk Ita Kombate Korrupsaun/Together We Fight Corruption,” was part of CAC’s effort to educate young Timorese to uphold the spirit of living with honesty in their daily life.

In his series of presentations, EKP Interim Director Rosário de Araújo talked about the importance of showing good attitudes that reflect living with honesty such as–follow the common practice, obey the rules and retain themselves from lying to their parents, teachers, and society in general. In similar sessions, EKP official Almério Álvares Maria Barros emphasized the importance of students to promote the culture of shame, fear and regret when they commit any wrong doing and to make such cultural deeds as their habits.

In those series of workshops, the students and teachers from those three districts demonstrated great enthusiasm in following the presentations of CAC team. During the questions and answers sessions, the participants were curious to learn more about CAC’s role in combating corruption. In addition, some students and teachers proposed for CAC to establish its office in districts as a way to facilitate and broadening the work of combating corruption in Timor-Leste.

The total of students who attended the seminars on CAC’s role in combating corruption: from the Male-Ubu Elementary School in Bobonaro were 129 students, Aileu Pre-Secondary and Secondary Schools were 559 students and Liquiça Pre-Secondary and Secondary Schools were 265 students.

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