CAC staff 0ff to Hong Kong for post-graduate certificate course

Timor – Leste Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) sent three staff to take Post- Graduate certificate course aimed at enhancing their capacities. The study program was organized by Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and Hong Kong University. This course takes three weeks from November 6 until December 1, 2011. The three staffs are Executive Secretary Mr. Alexandre Faustino Freitas, Director of Education Director, Research Campaign Mrs. Jesuina Maria Abel, and Senior Investigator Mr. Agusto da Costa Castro. In 2010, CAC had sent two staff to attend the same course.

According to Commissioner Aderito, this course is very important and has relevance for CAC because ICAC Hong Kong have international reputation in fighting against corruption. This course has good benefit for the CAC in the future and the three staff are really enthusiastic because of an opportunity to increase their own capacity to prevent corruption. “We will encourage ourselves to get enhanced results in this course, when this course is finished, we receive a certificate each after writing our papers or articles to be evaluated by lecturers,” said Alex Gusmao.

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