CAC ho CNE Atu Hala’o Konferensia Konjunta ba Konkorentes Eleitoral sira

Dili, Timor – Leste–The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) and the National Electoral Commission (CNE) are expected to host a joint national conference tomorrow Saturday, 25 February 2012 in Dili. The conference is entitled “Transparency and Accountability in Electoral Process: A Path to Distant from Electoral Corruption,” aiming at all political parties and independent candidates in light of the presidential and parliamentary elections this year.

The purpose of this joint conference is to create a public space that is critical towards democratic electoral process and to raise public awareness of political parties and independent candidates about preventing electoral corruption in Timor-Leste. Another equally important objective is to reaffirm the electoral contestants’ commitment for combating and preventing corruption when they come to power.

The joint conference is scheduled to be attended by representatives of all political parties and independent candidates who will compete in the coming elections, government officials, diplomatic corps, civil society organizations and interested citizens. The one-day conference is planned to take place in the Dili Conventional Center from 8:30AM to 5:30PM.

The seminar is expected to present speakers from the Australian Electoral Commission Michael Maley and the Indonesian Constitutional Court Hamdan Zoelva, President of the Court of Appeal Claudio Ximenes, CNE Commissioner Faustino Cardoso and CAC Commissioner Aderito de Jesus Soares. Father Martinho Gusmão from CNE will moderate the conference. Topics of presentations will cover issues related to the role of CAC during and after the electoral process, electoral laws from legal perspective and comparative study about electoral systems in the region.

The initiative to hold this joint conference came after the two institutions, CAC and CNE, conducted a series of discussions regarding the 2012 electoral process.

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