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Senior Management of Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) led by Comissioner Dr. Adérito Pinto Tilman welcome The Asia Foundation representatives, Mr. Dicky Dooradi – Assesment Team Leader, Mr. Hugo Fernandes, Director for Policy and Institutional Strenthening, and Mr. Ethan Paul, Electoral Enviroment Research at CAC office Farol Dili on Wednesday (10/6). The objective of The Asia Foundation representatives is to get CAC perspective on current electoral environment, key challenges and opportunities to combat corruption. The meeting also discusses about the possibility of institutional cooperation between CAC and The Asia Foundation in the area of research and social audit.

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Ohin, Kuarta-feira (10/6) Senior Management Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) lidera husi Komisariu Dr. Adérito Pinto Tilman simu reprezentante The Asia Foundation, Sr. Dicky Doordi – Assesment Team Leader, Sr. Hugo Fernandes- Director for Policy and Institutional Strenthening, no Sr. Ethan Paul- Electoral Enviroment Research iha edifisiu CAC Farol Dili. Objetivu husi reprezentante The Asia Foundation nian atu hetan CAC nian perspetiva kona-ba ambiente eleisaun oras ne’e, lakunas no oportunidades atu kombate korrupsaun. Sorumutu ne’e mos dadalia kona-ba posibilidade kooperasaun institusional entre CAC ho The Asia Foundation iha area peskiza no social audit.

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