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Timor-Leste and Liberia Jointly Selected as Reviewers for Angola’s UNCAC Implementation

Dili, 29/06/2012–During the 3rd session of the Implementation Review Group (IRG) of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)  in Vienna, Timor-Leste and Liberia were selected  to jointly review the implementation of this convention by  Angola. The joint selection took place on 18 June 2012 through a new drawing of lots before the representatives of …

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Timor-Leste no Liberia Selesionadu nudar Reviewer ba Implementasaun Konvensaun ONU kontra Korrupsaun iha Angola

Dili, 29/06/2012—Durante sesaun ba datoluk grupu halo revizaun  ba implementasaun (Implementation Review Group) ba Konvensaun Nasoens Unidas kontra Korrupsaun (UNCAC) iha Vienna, Timor-Leste no Liberia selesionadu atu halo revizaun hamutuk ba Angola nia implementasaun. Selesaun ne’e hala’o iha 18 Juñu 2012 iha reprezentantes Estadu Parte ba Konvensaun sira nia oin. Prosesu halo revizaun ba Angola …

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Timor-Leste’s Executive Summary of UNCAC Self Assessment Review Endorsed and Published

Dili, 29/06/2012–Timor-Leste’s Executive Summary reviewing its self-assessment on the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) was adopted  during the recent Implementation Review Group (IRG) meeting in Vienna. Timor-Leste is the fourth country among 41 State Parties under review in 2011 to publish its Executive Summary. The other three countries are Australia, Switzerland …

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Sumáriu Ekzekutivu konaba Revizaun ba Auto-Avaliasaun ba UNCAC nia Implementasaun iha Timor-Leste Aprovadu no Publikadu

Dili, 29/06/2012- Timor-Leste nia Sumáriu Ekzekutivu husi relatóriu konaba revizaun ba auto-avaliasaun (Self-Assessment Review) ba implementasaun Konvensaun ONU kontra Korrupsaun (UNCAC) nian adopta ona durante sorumutu iha Vienna entre grupu nebe halo revizaun ba implementasaun (Implementation Review Group). Timor-Leste nudar nasaun dahat entre Estadu Partes hamutuk 41 nebe halo sira nia auto-avaliasaun iha 2011 nebe …

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