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May 21, 2010 

A person’s opened eye in a circle

Concept:  Look after oversee and use responsibly Timor-Leste’s wealth for society’s wellbeing.


Individually and together be aware, honest, sincerity, wise, brave with desire and dedicated to prevent and fight corruption, and promote good governance for society’s prosperity.

  1.  The eye and the bright star represent the alertness, conscientious so people don’t fall into corruption and manipulations that can lead to corruption. Seek or find out if there are any signs or existence of corruption behavior among government staff and leaders. Find out who performs the act of corruption in Timor-Leste or with Timor-Leste wealth. Investigate corruption cases and ensure people are dealt with legally.  Look ahead with a conviction’s view to prevent corruption in the future and create a good condition to society.
  2.  The white star (inside the eye) represents moral consciousness, ideal condition for good governance, transparency, responsibility and prosperity. This ideal condition is not different from the future. It starts from ourselves now so we can prepare good conditions for a better future. The star inside the eye informs that the light or the brightness is not outside in which separates us from our life, socio-cultural reality, economic and politic. The root or seed of a good life comes from our willingness to create a good environment or condition to live in.
  3.  The red circle represents moral integrity, willingness and courage to prevent and combat corruption in order or properly use Timor-Leste’s wealth for the benefit of society.




Adérito de Jesus Soares


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