25 Corruption Specialists Completed Prevention Corruption Training Course Offered by ICAC Hong Kong

Dili – 25 Anti-Corruption Specialists (EAK) employed by Anti-Corruption Commission (AAC) Timor-Leste completed a six-day training course offered by Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of Hong Kong (HK) with topic “ICAC Outreaching Training Programme for Commission Against Corruption Timor-Leste” on Thursday (15/8) at Hotel Ramelau Dili.

The aim of the training course is to improve and strengthen the knowledge of Timorese anti corruption specialists who have been serving at the Directorate of Support Services and Cooperation and Directorate of Prevention and Raising Awareness. The training course was under direct supervision of Senior Management of CAC; Commissioner Dr Sergio Hornai, two Deputy Commissioners Luis de Oliveira Sampaio and Alexandre Freitas until the end of the training.

Commissioner CAC Dr. Sergio Hornai on behalf of CAC Timor-Leste expressed his gratitude to the government of Hong Kong under the leadership of Mrs. Carrie Lam that is suffering from the democratization process in Hong Kong but continuing its commitment in sending the best ICAC officers to Timor-Leste to make the training course realized.

 “On behalf of CAC and all structure would like to gratitude to you (ICAC Hong Kong experties), however Hong Kong government right now is suffering from democratization process but with good will and promptness came to Timor-Leste to share with us (on corruption prevention subject). We are gratefull for this and hoping that Hong Kong government and the people of HK China will together with us hand on hand to strengthen our institution,” Said Commissioner Dr. Sergio Hornai.

The topic of the training program “ICAC Outreaching Training Programme for Commission Against Corruption Timor-Leste” is useful to the Timorese anti corruption specialists and Commissioner Sergio demanded to the participants to use the opportunity well to benefit the institution in the area of prevention corruption in the future.

The training course was devided into two parts which first part was presented two trainers by Florence Au and Joe Tam. They delivered materials; an overview of the work of the ICAC HK, strategies for community education and public engagement, youth and moral education, sustaining public sector integrity, promoting business sector integrity, use of mass and news media and show case of ICAC HK.

Second part of the training course were presented two other trainers by Mandy Lee Man-Yu and Man Chan with materials; Institutional Framework Theory for the Prevention of Corruption, Civil Service Integrity – Management of Declared Conflict of Interest, Corruption Prevention in Licencing and Inspection, Corruption Prevention in Public Procurament, Corruption Prevention in Constructions Works no Corruption Prevention in Administration of Funding Scheme.

Deputy Commissioner of Prevention and Raising Awareness Affairs in the closing remarks of the training course expressed his gratitude to ICAC HK expertise that during 6 days of training took turns tirelessly presented its materials, experiences, systems, mechanisms and strategies of ICAC HK on preventing corruption to the Timorese anti corruption specialists. “This is a fruitful training to AAC prevention officers to enhance the human resources capacities especially in the Timor-Leste context. Hope that the cooperation will continue to benefit within CAC Timor-Leste and ICAC HK in the coming future,”. (*)

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