The Appointment of New Deputies Commissioners of the Anti-Corruption TL: Sign of Promising

Dili – ACC Commissioner Dr. Sergio Hornai had appointed three deputy commissioners to assist him in leading the third mandate from period 2019-2023. The appointment that’s announced officially at Jornal da Republica on Friday 31st of May 2019 Seri II, No. 21, indicated the candidates such as Mr. Augosto da Costa Castro, Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Investigation, Mr. Luis de Oliveira Sampaio, Deputy Commissioner for Prevention and Awareness Raising, and Mr. Alexandre Faustino Freitas, Deputy Commissioner for Support Services and Cooperation).

The sworn in ceremony of Deputy Commissioners that taken place today 21 June 2019 together with two Directors and 8 Heads of Units who had been appointed earlier soon after Commissioner took office. These Directors are in the area of Supports Services and Cooperation Directorate and Prevention & Awareness raising Directorate. While, the Heads of Units are in the divisions of investigation, information, monitoring and inspection, risk assessment, public awareness raising, human resources management, Finance and logistic, and procurement.

The appointment of the candidates to hold a position within the CAC Timor-Leste is exclusively as a mandate of Commissioner that’s based on law No.8/2009 15 July 2009. While the formation of the structure of CAC and its tasks is based on Decree Law No. 23/2015 and Decree Law No. 24/2015.

This structure is the first ever a complete since CAC functioning in 2010. The previous mandates were only two deputies, compared to third mandate that has three deputies according to law nu. 8/2009. The new structure is promising, because the two deputies from senior staff of CAC (the current Directors of Investigation and former Executive Secretary of CAC.

They have already some experiences in fighting corruption from early days when CAC was functioning. The other deputy, Mr. Luis Sampaio who is a founder and Director of Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP) in Timor-Leste, is an NGO who have been working for more than decade in the area of justice. While, the Commissioner has been working in the area of justice for almost two decades who held number of positions as well as former Head of Public Defense Timor-Leste.

The combination of the knowledge and experiences from top leaders of CAC is promising and hope that they have enough supports politically and financially in order to exercise their duties better in according to the law and hopefully will come up with an innovative strategic that’s reflect to the needs of the country in combating corruption. (*)

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