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CAC Team Met with EU Delegation to Implement PFMO


Dili – An anti-corruption (CAC) team led by former CAC Executive Secretary Alexander Freitas accompanied by director of investigation, director of cooperation and several chief of units held a meeting with a delegation of the European Union (EU) to Good Governance Affairs at CAC Meeting Room Farol Dili on Thursday ( 8/15).

The objective of the meeting was to discuss how it is possible for the European Union to implement a two (2) component program of the Public Finance Modernization Program (PFMO) in assisting CAC institutions in the future

The EU-PFMO two component program was launched on 12th of June 2018 at the Timor Hotel Dili. The purpose of this Component 2 program is to assist Timor-Leste’s sustainable development in order to further streamline the effectiveness of integrity, transparency and performance of public service achievement orientations for all citizens in harmony with the National Development Strategic Plan (PEDN) 2011-2030.

CAC, as a public institution has been designated to be a partner for this component 2. The essence of this meeting was also to nominate a focal point for EU-PFMO implementation. (*)

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CAC Team Met with EU Delegation to Implement PFMO