Commission A and E of National Parliament Vizited CAC

Dili – On Thursday (9/8) National Parliament, Commission A and E visited and conducted a fiscalization to office of Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) to see with their own eyes the real condition of the commission after Second Mandate of Commissioner terminated on 15th of July.

Commission A for Contitutional, Justice and Anti-Corruption affair was led by MP Carmelita Moniz and Commission E for Infra-structure Affair was led by MP Abel Pires.

Former Executive Secretary of CAC Alexandre Freitas, Director of Investigation, Director of Cooperation, Director of Prevention and Commission staffs welcomed the delegation gladly. During a few hours visits, the National Parliament delegation that comprised of 13 MPs held an open meeting with CAC staffs at CAC Meeting Room.

Former Executive Secretary of CAC Alexandre Freitas on behalf of CAC appreciated the initiative of the National Parliament delegation to visit the Commission to see the real situation and urged to the National Parliament to keep close attention to the difficulties, obstacles and challenges faced by the commission right now.

“The situation became difficult when mandate of commissioners and deputy commissioners terminated that there were no competency of delegations to us directors to do work as directors and to carry out responsibilities to secure the institution’s functions,” Director Cooperation informed the National Parliament delegation at CAC’s meeting room Farol Dili.

“The Directorate of Investigation carries out its duties normally even though mandate of the commissioner and deputy commissioner has been terminated,” Director of Investigation Agosto Castro told the delegation.

On this occasion the President of the Commission A, MP Carmelita Moniz appreciated the detailed explanation from CAC staffs. Based on the explanation, the National Parliament will look for a good political path to address the stagnation situation in the CAC.

“Very good explanation and very detailed one. We already understand all the difficulties faced by the CAC at this time. Very proud of the greatness of the technical staffs, your courage, and honesty, you all here in conveying the truth to us as politicians to consider it and seek political solutions in parliament based on your explanation. We need to make alteration to the law or a resolution to resolve this stagnant situation,” Said MP Carmelita Moniz to Anti-Corruption Specialist.

The National Parliamentary visit was conducted for the first time after eight years of CAC establishment, 22 February 2010. Every year CAC Senior Management submits annual reports to the parliamentary plenary.

All 13 members of the MPs from commission A and commission E compost of FRETILIN, CNRT, UDT, PUDD, PLP and KHUNTO parties led by MP Carmelita Moniz

Now CAC had 71 staffs that comprises of 24 investigators, 19 administration staffs, 14 prevention officers, 7 drivers, 5 Cleaners and 2 administrative agents. (*)

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