CAC Launches a Film on Corruption Prevention Funded by UNODC

400A2878Dili – On Friday (13/7), filmmaker Leste Art Film officially handover a short film to the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) with content to prevent East Timorese public servant to avoid themselves from corruption acts. The film title is “Corruption Occurs in Public Institutions” that funded by the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Timor-Leste. The event held in CAC Meeting Room Farol Dili.

The ceremony was taken part by Commissioner Adérito Tilman, Deputy Commissioner Manuel Bucar, some staffs of Prevention Directorate and representatives of film making company.

The 18:39 minutes movie with story-line in a public institution based on the CAC’s own research results which corrupt practices occurs in Public Services Commission.

The aim of this film is to disseminate information about the harm of corruption to the future of Timor-Leste. The film is also another way to educate East Timorese public servants in preventing and avoiding corruption and its consequences.

In this event, Commissioner Aderito Tilman expressed his high appreciation to all parties involved in the production process from the beginning to the end that later it became a good reference for East Timorese as an attempt to prevent them to avoid the temptation of corrupt practices in public service institutions.

“I am grateful and appreciated to all efforts been made by film crews until this movie can be completed on time. Now the public can follow through this film that actually this kind of practice that regularly occurred in their daily workplace. The film will be a very effective educational material to prevent corruption in the future, ” Commissioner Tilman said in his intervention.

“High appreciation also goes to UNODC through UNDP in Timor-Leste who financed this short film production,” Commissioner Tilman added.

Representative of the company Leste Art Film Silvano Xavier Rodrigues expressed his appreciation to CAC who has followed the production process of this film from the beginning to the end.

“This is one of our valuable experiences to know how corruption takes place in this country,” said Rodrigues. Participated in this film launching event is Commissioner Tilman, Deputy Commissioner Bucar, Directorate of Prevention staffs and actors who involved in the film production.

Under the leadership of Commissioner Aderito Tilman, CAC has produced two videos; one in documentary video and the other video is a short film where all contents were corruption prevention materials with Script Writer is a CAC staff; Florentino Gusmão Goulart. (*)

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