CAC Detected Some Civil Servants Committed Irregularities during Election Campaign

cneDili – The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) assigned the eight (8) anti-corruption specialists (EAK) to monitor unautorised utilization of state assets during the campaign period in some municipalities on July 10th  2018.

A one-month general election campaign monitoring, the CAC team detected that some civil servants involved using unauthorized state facilities vehicles, motorbike during campaign activities. Some civil servants also had no authorization from their office to join the campaign during working hours.

The Assignment letter was issued base on law No. 8/2009 dated 19 July on the establishment of Comissão Anti-Corrupção and Decree Law No. 23/2015 dated 29 July on the approval of the CAC organic structure.The purpose of this assignment letter was to delegate the competence and mandate to monitoring team in carrying out monitoring tasks in the field and to identify misuse of state assets during the early election campaign period.

The anti-corruption commission as a state institution is aware that the corruption cases have been penetrated in all sectors of public life which harm public services and resources that threaten political stability and sustainable development.

Realizing that corruption is no longer a local problem, but has been becoming a transnational phenomenon which has affected the life of the whole society, it is important to have a strong political will and co-operation to prevent and fight against corruption with relevant institutions within government and all stakeholders.

Realizing that enriching oneself through the wrong way can undermine all democratic institutions, national economies and democratic rule of law.

The Commission delegates competence to CAC monitoring team in carrying out coordination and monitoring work in four municipalities from April 10 to May 9, 2018. During the implementation of this monitoring tasks, CAC teams work closely with local authorities in four municipalities where they perform monitoring tasks.

“The results from monitoring activities identified some irregularities that public servants committed and CAC will submit the final report of their findings to Prosecutor General’s office. When we receive dispatch from Prosecutor’s Office we will immediately conduct a criminal investigation to those who miss-use state assets during the campaign period and will bring them to justice,” Said Deputy Commissioner Rui Pereira dos Santos. (*)

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