Senior Management Of CAC Presents 2016 Annual Report to the Parliament

400A4020Dili – On Tuesday (25/4) afternoon, the Senior Management of the Comissão Anti Corrupção (CAC) comprising by Commissioner Adérito Pinto Tilman, two Deputy Commissioner; Manuel Bucar and Rui dos Santos and also accompanied by directors presented the 2016 Commission’s annual report to the National Parliament.

According to Law No. 8/2009 of 15 July, the commission is obliged to submit its annual report to parliament and this the seventh time after the ministerial council adopted organic law and regime of anti-corruption specialist career in 2015. The commission has also nominated EAK (Espesialista Anti-Korrupsaun) in several positions that approved by the civil service commission. Commissioner Tilman said that in 2016, the commission continues to be highly consulted by implementing legal procedures to ensure the commission’s work orientation, ways of acting, one perception, definitive cooperation and producing balanced outcomes.

“However, the commission still faces some preoccupation because of the equipment facilities are inadequate for sophisticated offenses arising from the circulation of goods, money, people, and communication inside the country and across national borders. This modus has not able to guarantee the work of the government and the state as well as the whole society in the strategy of preventing and combating corruption”

Commissioner Tilman informs to MP’s about four point of Commission priorities based to the CAC’s strategic plan 2012-2020; Strengthen institutional capacity and cooperation, discover and disconnect networks and practices of corruption and connection crime, strengthen the integrity of the private sector and the active participation of communities, associations, civil society, formal and informal education sectors role on prevention.

Commissioner Tillman said that in 2016, the criminal investigation directorate successfully completed 29 cases and files them out to the prosecutor’s office. Seven cases currently being prosecuted by prosecutors and in the trial process to the suspects, four cases were archived and three other cases were postponed for further processing in 2017. In 2016 the commission also identifies public work areas that are at risk of providing opportunities in creating corrupt practices such as procurement, internal controls, quality controls and financial management related to tax payments and fine.

Directorate of prevention and awareness during 2016, held seminars (public subvention) which is focus on group discussions, talk shows, ToT (Training of Trainer), quizzes and sweepstakes, meticulous intelligence, speeches, and RUAK training and research throughout the territory.

This activity is targeted to students, local leaders, political parties, religious leaders and ordinary people.75 pages of the CAC’s 2016 annual report that presented two hours by commissioner Aderito at the plenary session in Parliament was moderate by PN president’s Aderito Hugo da Costa and gained high appreciation from member of parliament for the tireless efforts by the commission for a whole year. (*)

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