Presidential Campaign Monitoring Results, Certain Public Servants Violates the Law

400A3077Dili – Comissão Anti Corrupção (CAC) publish the results of monitoring reports on government vehicles movement during presidential campaign last March on Wednesday (5/4). The 15 days (3-17 / 3) of monitoring findings in 12 municipalities excluding Special autonomous Region of Oecusse Ambeno strongly indicated that some public Servants using government vehicles during presidential campaign period.

Civil servants misused public vehicles is not in accordance with the principles of good management, there were strong indications in the mall-practice and unlawful. The Commission has made a recommendation and a criminal investigation based on the competence of the commission stipulated in article 5 of Law No. 8/2009 on the Civil Servants during the campaign supports by using government vehicles for private purposes and not for the interest of the state.

The total government vehicles that used by civil servants to participate in the presidential campaign for candidate No. 2 and No. 8 were 2 vehicles and 14 motorcycles in municipality Ermera, Bobonaro, Manatuto and Dili. Types of abuses are put people on vehicles and motorcycles government contains campaigners with the surrounding city or in the motorcades.

The team also monitored the presidential candidates number 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and No. 7 but did not conclude to the presidential candidates as the team did not find the participation of civil servants during the campaign period.The Commission also conducted monitoring and inspection to the Ministry of solidarity and social (MSS), the Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries, Ministry of Education as a method of prevention.

The commissions found out strong indications that teachers and medical workers have left their duties during working hours in Atauro sub-district during the campaign to campaign and also became members of success team for the presidential candidate number 2.

“The Commission is considered any use of public property as an act of violation to the law No. decree 8/2008 on the use of vehicles and the attribution of penal code article 296 East Timorese “pekulatu uzu” and will conduct criminal proceedings against irresponsible public servants,

”The Commission appreciates good progress shown by civil servants in 2017 presidential campaign which shown in this period the number of vehicle usage has decreased compare to the previous period. (*)

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