All Ministries Are Not Clean, Almost All Committed In Mall-Administration

400A3293Dili – The CAC commissioner stated that all ministries in Timor-Leste are not clean and are involved in administrative errors and irregularities. The commissioner made this statement when he was the keynote speaker at a seminar organized by PDHJ on Monday (17/4) afternoon at MSS hall Caicoli Dili.

The Commissioner recommends to Inspector General of State to conduct auditing to all ministries in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future. This case occurs on the public service commission because there is no good audit for all ministries to avoid corruption errors.It is an obligation of IGE to conduct auditing to avoid the same mistake in all ministries.

The commissioner advised the MSS and the entire ministry to avoid allocate staff in one department for a long time in order to avoid corrupt practices, especially in the financial and procurement department. He also advise to the director of finance and procurement to control and fiscalize the staff to avoid them falling into corruption temptation.

“Because working for a long time in financial and procurement departments as “lahan basah – wetlands” is a risk for staffs falling into corruption temptation” The seminar was participate from the level of general director, national director, regional director and minister to the ministry of MSS amounted to more than 30 people and enthusiastically listening to the commissioner’s presentation.

The commissioner also explained about the CAC’s work, challenges and obstacles that have been faced by the commission within 7 years. One day seminar for the Ministry of MSS staff is organized by PDHJ with the topic of “preventing and combating corruption, to promote good governance and protecting human rights in public administration services”

The Commissioner in his presentation also explained to the participants about the anti-corruption law in which the commission has contributed and currently in the national parliament for discussion and to be approved.

At the anti-corruption law also described that civil servants from the department head level until the president of the republic must declare their wealth. However, the parliament has not discussed the law in the near future while the parliamentary mandate is coming to an end. This is the real obstacle for all of us in preventing and combating corruption.

This one-day seminar is an implementation of the quadrilateral MoU signed between CAC, PDHJ, IGE and CFP on 22 October 2015 at MSS memorial hall Caicoli Dili. (*)

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