Timor-Leste Participates in UNODC Regional Conference in Bangkok

ankokBangkok – The Anti-Corruption Commission of Timor-Leste join a five-day regional conference organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC). The conference took place in Bangkok and was attended by more than 150 delegates from 10 States. The conference with the theme “Fast-Tracking Implementation of UNCAC for Economic and social Development in Southeast Asia” focused on the increasing threat posed by corruption which is becoming a significant obstacle to development in Southeast Asia countries.

The purpose of this conference is to establish a partnership and a regional platform for all the State Parties of the United Nation Convention against Corruption in Southeast Asia to better address corruption and to review the state of implementation of the Convention in each State.

The Deputy Commissioner of CAC Rui dos Santos Pereira who attended the conference said that “The participation of the Timorese delegation to this conference was meant to share our experiences with other delegations and at the same time learn something from them.

Especially, we had the opportunity to learn and share experience from institutions of great success at regional and global level, such as the Anti-Corruption Authorities of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia”.

The conference was divided intwo sections: three technical working groups discussed the main challenges found by each State in implementing the UNCAC, while a high-level panel allowed the head of several anti-corruption agencies to discuss their priorities.

The conference was closed with the drafting and presentation of the “Bangkok Statement”, a document that will help designing a new road map for UNODC activities in the region and to define the main priorities at national and regional level in the fight against corruption.

The delegation from Timor-Leste comprised of 12 people; CAC was represented by five officials, the General Prosecutor office by two prosecutors, the Ministry of Justice by two officials, and the Financial Information Unit (FIU) and the Central Bank by two officials. CEPAD was representing national civil society organisations with two additional staff. (*)

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