CAC Participates in the International Conference Organized by the National Parliament on the Anti-Corruption Law

400A2601Dili –The Anti-Corruption Commissioner Adérito Pinto Tilman was one of the key speakers during the debate organized by the National Parliament on “Comprimisso Parlamento no Combate Corrupção Direitos, Liberdades E Garantias Vs Combate á Corrupção”. His Deputy Manuel Bucar Corte Real, moderated the discussion during the two-day event that took place at the Nobre memorial Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Dili.
Commissioner Tilman in his presentation highlighted the Commission’s contribution to the debate. In 2015, CAC submitted to the National Parliament a draft-law contribution, a draft that is since then sitting in a desk waiting to be discussed. The Commissioner hopes that the two-day international seminar can help gathering new ideas and be a stimulus for the discussion of the anti-corruption law. This way, he hopes that the discussion in Parliament can start.
Commissioner Timan explained to the participants that the draft law presented by the Anti-Corruption Commission included a comprehensive system of asset and interest declaration for civil servants (version 6 of July 2015- chapter IV articles 31º-41º).
Law No. 7/2007, said Commissioner Tilman, obliges only Ministers and Members of Parliament to declare their assets, excluding civil servants. The Commission’s contribution to the Anti-Corruption law includes a much wider range of subjects to the asset declaration regime.
Mr Tilman also urged the legislators to discuss and approve the anti-corruption law, carefully considering also the asset recovery regime included in CAC’s proposal.
“Corruption is not only about how to bring corruptors in jail. We should also focus on how to freeze their assets and recover them. Otherwise, corruptors go to the jail but the assets would still be available for them to be used after they serve their term in jail,”.
Mr Tilman also thanked the National Parliament for showing a strong political will to discuss the anti-corruption law, even at the end of its mandate. The Anti-Corruption Law would be a great tool to complete the Timorese criminal framework.
“If theNational Parliament approves this anti corruption law, there will be no more people (corruptors) running away from their criminal responsibility,” said Commissioner Tilman.(*)

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