CAC Engaged In A Colloquy With Prime Minister

IMG_8262Dili – Commissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) met with his Excellency Prime Minister, Dr. Rui de Araujo today (18/9) at the Palace of Government.

The objective of the meeting is to inform the work of Commissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) in the area of prevention, institutional and international cooperation and Timor-Leste’s compliance, as a State Party to the implementation of the United Nations Conventions against Corruption (UNCAC).

The Prime Minister expressed his commitment and continuous support to the work of the CAC especially in the area of prevention and public awareness raising in the public and private sector, legal and policy framework and institutional cooperation which allow the effective function of CAC.

Commissioner Tilman also presented several important documents to His Excellency Prime Minister such as the draft of Anti-Corruption Law, Executive Summary of Timor-Leste’s Self-Assessment on Chapter III-Criminalization and Law Enforcement and Chapter IV-International Cooperation of UNCAC, and Communique of Anti-Corruption Initiative of Small Island States which Timor-Leste actively takes part.

CAC team led by Commissioner Adérito Tilman, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner of Prevention and Public Awareness, Mr. Jose “Sama Larua” Neves, Deputy Commissioner of Technical Support and Cooperation, Mr. Manuel Bucar and Adviser for UNCAC, Institutional and International Cooperation, Mr. Jonas Guterres. (*)

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