UNODC Conducts Anti-Money Laundering Training For CAC And Timor-Leste Scientific Police

IMG_6067Dili – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) facilitates a three days training on Anti-Money Laundering for investigators and prevention staffs of Commission of Anti-Corruption (CAC) and Timor-Leste Scientific Police at Beach Garden hotel.

Deputy Commissioner of CAC, Manuel Bucar expressed his gratitude to UNODC for conducting the training that aims to strengthen law enforcement institution in Timor-Leste to fight and combat corruption and money laundering activities in this country.

“This training is very important and fundamental to CAC and Scientific Police staffs so that you all can learn and understand more on money laundering. We have an expert from UNODC and local speakers that will provide you more information on this subject” says Deputy Bucar.

UNODC representative, Susanne Dahl said the objective of the UNODC presence in Timor-Leste is to support the work of CAC and provide capacity building for CAC investigators and also to support law enforcement agencies like PDHJ, Scientific Police, FiU, etc.

Key speakers for this trainig are K. Raghavan from UNODC office in Jakarta, Director of FiU Maria Sarmento and judge Jacinta Pereira. (*)

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