Statements of Support and Solidarity with Komisi Pemberantasan Korrupsi (KPK) Indonesia

IMG_8485Dili – Given the nature and the dimensions of corruption spread out and has multiple impacts across jurisdictions, the noble struggle of any anti-corruption agency within a jurisdiction also contributes to the global fight against corruption. This implies that when an anti-corruption agency suffers setbacks due to its commitment to fight corruption; call for attentions, supports and solidarities from other jurisdictions or institutions as an obligation of the global fight against corruption.

Taking into account the global interest of fighting corruption and following closely the seriousness, assertiveness and the professional ways of curving corruption in Indonesia by the Komisi Pemberantasan Korrupsi (KPK), the CAC of Timor-Leste is appalled at the current adversities the KPK is facing.

We assured our unconditional solidarity and unwavering moral support at this challenging time and do believe that KPK will professionally overcome such a situation and the POLRI (Indonesia National Police), all competent authorities, non-governmental organizations and the people of the Republic of Indonesia would not let the progress of fighting corruption, democratization and rule of law which have been flourished so far fade away.

We hope this temporary setback will not deter the unrelenting commitment in fighting corruption in Indonesia and worldwide.


Dr. Adérito Tilman, Komisariu CAC

José “Sama Larua” Neves, Komisariu Adjuntu

Manuel Bucar, Komisariu Adjuntu


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