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Avizu Prolonga Loron ba Kotasaun

Avizu Prolonga RfQ 101 Rehabilitasaun Moru CAC

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Educating To Instill Honesty In Our Future Leaders

One of the biggest risks facing Timor-Leste as a country currently is that corruption practices are starting to happen everywhere in East Timorese society. Corruption is currently being carried out by ordinary people, vendors, and government officials, or through maladministration in education institutions, and the public and private sectors. People are committing corruption in different …

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Eduka Atu Kuda Onestidade Iha Ita Nian Lideransa Futuru

Risku boot ida ne’ebé oras ne’e nasaun Timor-Leste hasoru mak kazu korrupsaun akontese iha sosiedade Timorense nia le’et. Korrupsaun oras ne’e hahu husi povu bain-bain, vendedores, ofisial governu nian, ka liu husi mal-administrasaun iha instituisaun edukasaun, seitor públiku no privadu sira. Ema sira komete korrupsaun iha dalan diferente no komete ho tipu korrupsaun diferente. Transparency …

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Spending the Public Purse; A Responsibility Perspective

“We are the ones who are responsible for developing our country and safeguarding its assets for a better life for the people.” Every time the Anti-Corruption Commission carries out a workshop, or travels to any of Timor-Leste’s 13 districts, this is our message. We want government officials and public servants to have a sense of …

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