Nearly 1000 Community Leaders and Students in Three Districts Attend CAC Workshops

Dili – Nearly 1000 community leaders and students from primary and secondary schools have attended a series of workshops held in three different districts by the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC).

The workshops were held in the districts of Dili, Viqueque and Lospalos.

Community leaders attended a workshop which looked at “The Culture of Fighting Corruption Starting in the Family”. Students attended a workshop titled ‘Honesty Is An Important Key To Avoid Corruption’, which has previously been held with other students in Dili.

The workshops are part of CAC’s education awareness program that aims to prevent corruption practices. We know that corruption can destroy opportunity, and harm the dignity and integrity the state in regards to politics and good governance.

By itself, CAC cannot rid Timor-Leste of corruption – the country’s citizens must also utilize their collective power to fight corruption, and we will support them by fortifying their knowledge and providing them with the tools to say no to corruption in their daily lives.

To do so, CAC knows will gather and inform community leaders, veterans, women’s organizations, youth groups, political leaders, teachers, students and religion leaders through workshops in schools, sub-districts and districts held across the country.

Participants were active, enthusiastic and keen to know more about how to fight corruption in their daily lives during the workshop. Students and participants came up with their recommendations about anti-corruption efforts in Timor-Leste.

Director of Education and Research Rosario Araujo and Director of Prevention Abrão Freitas led the two teams holding the workshops.

Community leaders and students attended worshops in sub-district Ossu, sub-district Watucarbau and Viqueque Vila of Viqueuqe District. Workshops for students were held in the public secondary school of Watucarbau, Santo Antonio Catholic Secondary School of Lacluta, the Catholic Santo Estevão School of Viqueuqe Vila and with vocational student and community leaders in Becora, Dili district.

CAC will continue to hold these seminars across the country. Already, a team of officers are currently travelling to Maliana to deliver workshops on corruption prevention this week. (*)

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