CAC: Proposed OIC Law Is Not Necessary

Dili – Deputy Commissioner Manuel Bucar Corte Real on Wednesday (7/5), at the invitation of Commission B of the National Parliament, led a delegation to attend a public audience. CAC questions the necessity of the proposed law No. 11/III (2a) on the Organization of Criminal Investigation (OIC).

Commission B is currently holding discussions on this proposal with other relevant state agencies, where the proposed law will be implemented once National Parliament approval has been given.

The OIC law proposal will bring an added layer of regulation and confusion to anti-corruption efforts, leading to institutional duplication. It will weaken the competence of other institutions in Timor-Leste that are currently operating.

“On principle, CAC suggests there needs to be deeper discussion about this proposed law based on the necessities of the State,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

CAC recommends that Timorese leaders consider actions that would build the capacity of human resources. As a small country that just gained its independence, creating too many overlapping institutions can potentially lead to adverse financial resources.

The President of Commission B, MP David “Mandati” Dias Ximenes expressed his gratitude and appreciation to CAC delegation for constructively adding to the discussion. In exchange, we appreciate his initiative of inviting CAC to meet and put forward its perspective.

The CAC delegation comprised Deputy Commissioner Bucar, Executive Secretary Alexandre Freitas, Director of Investigations Maria de Vasconseos, CAC Senior Adviser Leonor Furtado and National Adviser Jonas Guterres. (*)

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