CAC Continues To Educate Private Sector In The Districts On Preventing Corruption

Liquiça – More than 100 local businessmen in two different districts, Aileu and Liquiça, today accessed information about efforts they can use against corruption through seminars organized by the Comissão Anti-Corrupção (CAC).

The seminar in Aileu was held on Tuesday (27/5), with a second seminar held in Liquiça today (29/5) at the Toko Dede Centre.

Seminars in both districts addressed the topic of “The Private Sector’s Role in Strengthening National Development; Corruption Prevention Context”. This is consistent with CAC’s 2014-15 Prevention Plan, which focuses on four priority areas including procurement. The other three prevention priorities are the decentralization of local government power, customs and political will.

The objective of the seminars was to educate local businessmen that are part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Timor-Leste (CCI-TL), as government partners, on how to prevent bribery practices and corruption so development within the country occurs in a transparent and dignified manner.

“We are with you here today, to speak to you from heart to heart as East Timorese so that we can construct Timor-Leste in a transparent way without bribery and corruption,” CAC key speaker, Director of Prevention Abrão Jose Freitas, said to participants today.

“It is better for us to prevent than to fall into the corrupt practices that can bring bad consequences upon a family’s good name, dignity, honor and privilege as East Timorese.”

Chairman of the Liquica CCI-TL, Vicenti da Conceição, on behalf of local businessmen, extended appreciation and gratitude to CAC for its presence in the district in providing information and educating the private sector about East Timorese efforts against corruption.

Local businessmen in both districts enthusiastically and actively participated in the workshop. They recommended that CAC personnel should visits districts across the country regularly to monitored early execution of projects by local companies in the districts to ensure the quality of the projects.

CAC firmly believes that everyone – whether they are community leaders, from the private sector or government, or members of the public – must be involved in eradicating corruption in Timor-Leste. We will continue to hold these workshops with the private sector throughout the year. (*)

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