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CAC Hold First Quarter Work Evaluation


Dili – Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) Senior Management and staff today (28/3) held their first quarter work evaluation, where they also carried out planning for the year’s second quarter, at Salaun Delta Nova, Comoro, Dili.

The objective of the first quarter (January-March) work evaluation is to assess each Directorate’s performance, and to offer solutions to any obstacles and modify practices to meet any weaknesses faced during the implementation of the quarter’s action plan.

This is the last work evaluation for Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares, together with his two Deputy Commissioners José “Samala-Rua” António de Jesus das Neves and Manuel Bucar Corte Real, as they finished their first mandate on 22 February 2014.

The work evaluation was divided into two sections, with each directorate presenting its activities over the last three months in the morning sections. Directorates include: Investigations, Education and Research, Prevention, Administration and Finance and the Office of the Commissioner. The afternoon section was dedicated to each directorate presenting its next quarter program of work.

Before the end of the presentation, representatives of each directorate expressed its sincere gratitude and to Senior Management for their leadership through the first mandate, as well as farewelled Commissioner Soares and the two Deputy Commissioners.

CAC has held quarterly work evaluations as a routine activity since it was established on 22 February 2010. Under Commissioner Soares’ leadership, CAC has recruited 71 staff to carry out the CAC’s mission of investigating and preventing corruption, while increasing the public awareness of the fight against corruption. (*)

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CAC Hold First Quarter Work Evaluation