Commissioner Adérito Opens Legal Training Course For CAC And PNTL Officials

Dili – On Thursday (6/2) Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) Adérito de Jesus Soares officially opened a training course for 25 of CAC’s staff and National Police officials. The Legal Process on Criminal Investigation and Prevention training course will be held on the first Thursday and Friday of each month, for three months, at the CAC office in Farol, Dili.

The objective of the training course is to increase participants’ knowledge on corruption investigation processes. The instructors of the training course are Senior Adviser to the Commissioner, Leonora Furtado and Dili district prosecutor, Angelina Saldanha.

CAC’s Senior Adviser, Leonora Furtado, will coach participants on three main subjects: the organization and function of criminal investigation in Timor-Leste, method and documentation of investigations, and administrative procedures. Prosecutor Angelina Saldanha will coach participants on plans and strategies to combat corruption from a prosecutor’s perspective.

In his opening words, Commissioner Soares told participants to take the opportunity to increase in-depth its knowledge and skills about criminal investigation and corruption prevention. The training course also intends to challenge coaches and participants to further develop strategies to assist CAC’s efforts to combat corruption in Timor-Leste.

The training course that participates by 23 CAC officials and 2 National Police criminal investigators will be terminated on 11th of April 2014. (*)

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